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Glossopharybgeal nerve anatomy

Glossopharybgeal nerve anatomy

30/10/2009 03:25:00

this image shows the glossopharyngeal nerve in the lateral aspect of the face displaying its course , branches and the related structures of the nerve showing: 1. superior ganglion 2. inferior gangli... More Details
Hypoglossal nerve anatomy

Hypoglossal nerve anatomy

03/11/2009 02:13:00

this image shows the cranial nerve XII "hypoglossal nerve" in the face region in the lateral aspect in relation to the surrounding structures showing: 1. hypoglossal nerve 2. lingual branch o... More Details
cranial nerves course in the skull

cranial nerves course in the skull

10/10/2009 03:09:00

this image shows the course of the cranial nerves inside the skull a) Frontal bone. b) Frontal sinus. c) Internal frontal spine. d) Foramen caecum. e) Crista galli. f) Frontal bone, orbital portion. g... More Details
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