anatomy of optic chiasm

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Occulomotor nerve anatomy

Occulomotor nerve anatomy

28/10/2009 02:10:00

this image shows the oculomotor nerve at its origin in relation to the surrounding structures showing: 1. pons 2. internal carotid artery 3. optic nerve 4. optic chiasma 5. optic tract 6. occulomotor... More Details
Hypothalamus and the pituitary anatomy

Hypothalamus and the pituitary anatomy

23/10/2009 03:29:00

this is another image of the connection of the pituitary and the hypothalamus showing: 1. hypothalamus 2. paraventricular nuclei 3. optic chiasma 4. superior hypophyseal artery 5. hypophyseal portal ... More Details
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