anatomy of the olfactory nerve

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Olfactory nerve anatomy

Olfactory nerve anatomy

24/10/2009 04:07:00

this image shows the beginning of the olfactory nerve at the nose ( the olfactory bulb) showing: 1. olfactory bulb 2. lateral wall of the nasal cavity 3. olfactory mucosa 4. nasal septum 5. sup. ,mid... More Details
Olfactory nerve course

Olfactory nerve course

24/10/2009 04:10:00

this image shows the course of the olfactory nerve from the olfactory bulb to centers showing: 1. olfactory neuroepithelium 2. piniform cortex 3. amygdaloid complex 4. entrohinal cortex 5. hippocampu... More Details
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