annulus of zinn

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Annulus of Zinn

Annulus of Zinn

29/10/2009 03:31:00

this image shows the origin of the recti muscles of the eye [annulus of zinn] and shows the position of the different nerves and vessels entering the orbital cavity in relation to "annulus of zinn... More Details
Eye Anatomy

Eye Anatomy

19/10/2009 03:05:30

In This Section you will find detailed different Photos and images about the anatomy of the Ear including its surface , attachments related structures , eye muscles , eye ball and many more Items abo... More Details
Orbital cavity anatomy

Orbital cavity anatomy

29/10/2009 03:27:00

this image shows the orbital cavity detailing its different parts and structures showing: 1. supraorbital notch 2. superior orbital fissure 3. inferior orbital fissure 4. optic foramen 5. lacrimal fo... More Details
Extraocular muscles

Extraocular muscles

28/10/2009 02:35:00

this image shows the tendon of the superior oblique muscle when it changes its course (from forward to backwards) and inserts on the superior aspect of the globe posterior to its equator... More Details
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