atlas bone

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Skeleton -- Side View (skeletal system)

Skeleton -- Side View (skeletal system)


this image shows the skeleton of our body (the bones that forms and supports our body) showing: 1. cranium 2. atlas vertebra 3. axis vertebra 4. clavicle 5. thoracic vertebra 6. humerus 7. pelvic bon... More Details
the first vertebra

the first vertebra

10/10/2009 03:56:00

this is a detailed image for the first vertebra [ the atlas] in the vertebral column showing: 1. ant. tubercle 2. facet of occipital condyle 3. groove for vertebral artery 4. post. tubercle representi... More Details
Pelvis Anatomy

Pelvis Anatomy

06/11/2009 01:06:01

In This Section you will find detailed different Sections about the different organs and structures in the region of the Pelvis including Male pelvis anatomy , Female pelvis anatomy , pelvic girdle an... More Details
Anterior skull anatomy

Anterior skull anatomy

10/10/2009 04:32:00

detailed image for the front of the skull showing: 1. frontal bone 2. glabella 3. nasal bone 4. superior orbital foramen 5. superior orbital fissure 6. ethmoid bone 7. infraorbital foramen 8. ant. nas... More Details
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