carotid artery optic nerve

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Occulomotor nerve anatomy

Occulomotor nerve anatomy

28/10/2009 02:10:00

this image shows the oculomotor nerve at its origin in relation to the surrounding structures showing: 1. pons 2. internal carotid artery 3. optic nerve 4. optic chiasma 5. optic tract 6. occulomotor... More Details
Nerve supply of the eye 2

Nerve supply of the eye 2

25/10/2009 03:43:00

this image shows the nerves supplying the eye (lateral view) showing: 1. optic nerve 2. frontal nerve 3. occulomotor nerve 4. ophthalmic nerve 5. infratrochlear nerve 6. internal carotid artery 7. zy... More Details
Intracranial Cavity

Intracranial Cavity

09/10/2009 12:13:00

section in the skull showing superior view of the base of the skull detailing the places where the cranial nerves exit (anterior,middle and posterior cranial fossae) showing: 1. olfactory nerve penetr... More Details
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