cranial nerve anatomy neck

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Neck Anatomy

Neck Anatomy

11/10/2009 03:40:00

this is the muscles of the neck showing: 1. splenius cervicis m. 2. levator scapulae m. 3. masseter m. 4. digastric m. 5. sternocleidomastoid m. 6. brachial plexus 7. trapezius m. 8. ant. , middle and... More Details
Cranial nerves anatomy

Cranial nerves anatomy

01/11/2009 02:27:00

this image shows the cranial nerves IX,X,XI,XII (glossopharyngeal , vagus , accessory and hypoglossal nerves) in relation to each other at the lateral aspect of the neck (pharynx) showing: 1. glossop... More Details
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