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Thoracic cage anatomy

Thoracic cage anatomy

04/12/2009 07:18:00

this image shows the bones that form the thoracic cage from anterior view (the vertebrae , the ribs and the sternum) showing: 1. thoracic vertebrae 2. manubrium of the sternum 3. body of the sternum ... More Details
Typical rib anatomy

Typical rib anatomy

06/12/2009 05:08:00

this image shows the anatomy of the typical rib from external posterior view displaying its different parts and features showing: 1. head of the rib 2. neck of the rib 3. costal groove 4. semifacet f... More Details
Ribs anatomy

Ribs anatomy

07/12/2009 07:03:00

this image shows the anatomy of the ribs after removing all the layers covering it in cadaver showing their shape and arrangement and their relation to the rest of the body... More Details
Thoracic cage anatomy

Thoracic cage anatomy

09/11/2009 03:42:00

this is an anterior view of the thoracic cage (the bones that forms the thorax) showing: 1. cervical vertebrae 2. jugular (suprasternal) notch 3. clavicular notch 4. manubrium 5. sternal angle 6. bod... More Details
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