lateral sulcus of brain

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Cerebrum anatomy

Cerebrum anatomy

22/10/2009 01:50:07 م

In This Section you will find detailed different Photos and images about the anatomy of the Cerebrum including its surface , parts , related structures , Functional areas of the brain , different cent... More Details
Cerebral hemisphere

Cerebral hemisphere

13/10/2009 01:09:00 ص

a superio-lateral view of the cerebral hemisphere showing: 1. frontal lobe 2. central sulcus 3. parietal lobe 4. occipital lobe 5. cerebellum 6. sylvian fissure... More Details
Brain anatomy

Brain anatomy

14/10/2009 04:43:00 ص

an inferior view of the brain with details on the different parts and areas on it showing: 1. rectus gyrus 2. olfactory sulcus 3. orbital gyri 4. optic nerve 5. optic chiasma 6. optic tract 7. infundi... More Details
Brain anatomy

Brain anatomy

14/10/2009 04:34:00 ص

another lateral diagram for the sulci and gyri of the cerebrum showing: sulci: 1. lateral sulcus 2. inferior temporal sulcus 3. superior temporal sulcus 4. inferior frontal sulcus 5. superior frontal ... More Details
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