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Chest CT Scan - Mediastinum

Chest CT Scan - Mediastinum

13/02/2012 12:45:00

This image is a CT Scan of the Chest of a human (in CT SCAN Bones are white) showing Mediastinum Details with the Different Structures in it. Showing: 16. Ascending aorta 17. Descending thoracic aor... More Details
Heart and lung anatomy

Heart and lung anatomy

07/12/2009 06:43:00

this image shows the anatomy of the heart and the lungs in relation to each other displaying their different parts and features and the vessels of the heart and their relation to the lungs showing: 1... More Details
Thorax Anatomy

Thorax Anatomy

06/11/2009 01:05:07

In This Section you will find detailed different Sections about the different organs and structures in the region of the Thorax including Lung anatomy , Heart anatomy , Mediastinum anatomy , Thoracic ... More Details
Chest CT Scan

Chest CT Scan

13/02/2012 12:34:30

In This Section you will find detailed different Photos about Chest CT scan including Mediastinum Window , Lung Window , Chest wall in CT scan and many more Photos about Chest CT scan ............ More Details
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