nasal spine of maxilla

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Roof, floor, and lateral wall of left nasal cavity

Roof, floor, and lateral wall of left nasal cavity

09/10/2009 03:57:00 م

this image shows the nasal cavity (the skull at the nasal opening) (roof,floor and lateral wall) showing: 1. nasal bone 2. frontal bone 3. cribriform plate of ethmoid 4. sphenoid 5. nasolacrimal canal... More Details
Anterior skull anatomy

Anterior skull anatomy

10/10/2009 04:32:00 م

detailed image for the front of the skull showing: 1. frontal bone 2. glabella 3. nasal bone 4. superior orbital foramen 5. superior orbital fissure 6. ethmoid bone 7. infraorbital foramen 8. ant. nas... More Details
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