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Becker's Nevus

Becker's Nevus

07/07/2011 01:11:00

Becker's Nevus That is irregular pigmentation (melanosis or hyperpigmentation) on the torso or upper arm (though other areas of the body can be affected), and gradually enlarges irregularly, becom... More Details
Congenital Pigmented Nevus

Congenital Pigmented Nevus

07/07/2011 01:04:00

Congenital Pigmented Nevus Present from birth and initially appear as flat, pigmented lesions of various sizes. They are usually solitary lesions but can be multiple Here this is a solitary medium siz... More Details
Halo nevus

Halo nevus

07/07/2011 01:19:00

Halo nevus That is a mole that is surrounded by a Hypopigmented (depigmented) ring or 'halo'. ... More Details
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