olfactory nerve into brain

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Olfactory system pathway

Olfactory system pathway

03/11/2009 03:25:00

this image shows the pathway for the impulses of smell from the nose to the C.N.S showing: 1. olfactory membrane 2. olfactory bulb 3. medial olfactory cortex 4. prefrontal cortex 5. temporal cortex 6... More Details
cranial nerves anatomy

cranial nerves anatomy

14/10/2009 04:29:00

a colored image for the cranial nerves exit showing: 1. olfactory nerve 2. optic nerve 3. occulomoto rnerve 4. trochlear nerve 5. trigeminal nerve 6. abducent nerve 7. fascial nerve 8. vestibulocochle... More Details
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