pancreas anatomy

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Anatomy of human body

Anatomy of human body

12/11/2009 01:35:00

this image shows the human body from anterior view showing some organs of it showing: 1. brain 2. eye 3. nose 4. mouth 5. ear 6. throat 7. skin 8. lungs 9. heart 10. liver 11. kidneys 12. pancreas 13... More Details
Liver anatomy

Liver anatomy

12/11/2009 01:33:00

this diagram shows the liver from anterior view in relation to the stomach, duodenum and jejunum showing: 1. right lobe of liver 2. esophagus 3. left lobe of the liver 4. falciform ligament 5. stomac... More Details
Male Pelvic anatomy

Male Pelvic anatomy

13/11/2009 06:40:00

this is an posterior view of the MALE pelvic region in relation to the surrounding structures showing: 1. left suprarenal gland 2. spleen 3. tail of pancreas 4. inferior part of the pleura 5. stomach... More Details
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