pityriasis circinata

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Herald Patch

Herald Patch

26/06/2011 08:57:00

Pityriasis Rosea It is a skin lesion That is characterized By what is called Herald Patch: central area of Cafe o' lei color surrounded by a collarette surrounded by erythema) N.B. It must be dif... More Details
Tinea Circinata

Tinea Circinata

31/07/2011 07:25:00

Tinea Circinata Typically a scaly, red-shaped ring on the skin.with active border and healed center Here the lesion is on the arm of the patient... More Details
Dermatology Atlas

Dermatology Atlas

24/06/2011 10:15:47

In This Section you will find detailed different sections about all different disease affecting the skin including Papulosquamous diseases , Disorders of Sebaseous Glands , Disorders of Pigmentation ,... More Details
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