serratus anterior

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Muscles of the upper limb

Muscles of the upper limb

06/11/2009 03:16:00

this image shows the muscles of the upper limb from the front and back views showing: 1. supinator muscle 2. anconeus muscle 3. brachialis muscle 4. triceps brachii muscle 5. teres major muscle 6. te... More Details
First rib anatomy

First rib anatomy

06/12/2009 04:48:00

this image shows the anatomy of the first rib from superior view displaying its different features and parts showing: 1. head of the first rib 2. neck of the first rib 3. tubercle of the first rib 4.... More Details
Muscles -- Side View (muscular system)

Muscles -- Side View (muscular system)


this image shows the muscles of our body and displays them on both male and female diagram showing: 1. trapezius muscle 2. deltoid muscle 3. biceps muscle 4. latissimus dorsi muscle 5. extensor muscl... More Details
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