superior vena cava valve

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pain reflex pathway

pain reflex pathway

23/10/2009 02:52:00

this shows the pathway of the pain reflex showing: 1. skin 2. pain receptor 3. sensory neuron 4. relay neuron 5. motor neuron 6. muscle fibers 7. spinal cord 8. gray matter 9. white matter... More Details
Heart anatomy

Heart anatomy

16/07/2010 05:10:26

In This Section you will find detailed different Photos and images about the anatomy of the Heart including its surface , parts , related structures , Blood circulation of the heart , coronaries anato... More Details
Anatomy of the Human Heart

Anatomy of the Human Heart

05/03/2009 04:23:00

this image shows the direction of the circulation inside the heart showing: 1. superior vena cava 2. aorta 3. pulmonary artery 4. pulmonary veins 5. left atrium 6. mitral valve 7. left ventricle 8. a... More Details
Thorax Anatomy

Thorax Anatomy

06/11/2009 01:05:07

In This Section you will find detailed different Sections about the different organs and structures in the region of the Thorax including Lung anatomy , Heart anatomy , Mediastinum anatomy , Thoracic ... More Details
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