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Vagina anatomy

Vagina anatomy

13/11/2009 06:27:00

this image shows the vagina of the female pelvis in relation to the surrounding organs this is a side view of a vertically sectioned pelvis showing: 1. fallopian tube 2. ovary 3. uterus 4. cervix 5. r... More Details
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Do The Arthritis Drugs Celebrex and Vioxx Cause Heart Attacks?


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29/07/2011 01:33:23

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Bones and ligaments of the FEMALE Pelvis

Bones and ligaments of the FEMALE Pelvis

22/11/2009 06:02:00

this image shows the posterior "back" view of the female pelvic brim (the bones and ligaments that forms the pelvic region in the female) showing: 1. supraspinous ligament 2. posterior sacroi... More Details
Male Pelvic X-Ray

Male Pelvic X-Ray

09/01/2012 12:25:00

This is a X-Ray Image of Male Pelvis which is usually characterized by being Narrower and longer the female pelvis. Showing : 1. 2 Iliac Bones 2. 2 Sacroiliac joints 3. Sacrum 4. Lumbar Vertebrae 5. ... More Details
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