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Male Pelvic X-Ray

Male Pelvic X-Ray

09/01/2012 12:25:00

This is a X-Ray Image of Male Pelvis which is usually characterized by being Narrower and longer the female pelvis. Showing : 1. 2 Iliac Bones 2. 2 Sacroiliac joints 3. Sacrum 4. Lumbar Vertebrae 5. ... More Details
Normal Pelvis X-Ray

Normal Pelvis X-Ray

09/01/2012 12:34:00

This is a X-Ray Image of Pelvis Antero-Posterior View,Showing the pelvis from the front. Showing : 1. 2 Iliac Crests (IliCr) 2. Greater Trochanter (>Troc) 3. Intertrochanteric Line (IntL) 4. Lesser T... More Details
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