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The Atlas vertebra

The Atlas vertebra

10/10/2009 03:47:00

this is the first vertebra in the vertebral column C1 : cervical number one [the Atlas]... More Details
Larynx anatomy

Larynx anatomy

12/10/2009 04:36:00

this is a longitudinal section in the trachea with side view detailing the structure of the larynx showing: 1. epiglottis 2. hyoid bone 3. fat body 4. vestibular fold(false vocal cord) 5. laryngeal pr... More Details
Atlas of Human Anatomy

Atlas of Human Anatomy


In This Section you will find detailed different sections about all different parts of the human body including head and neck , chest , abdomen , upper limbs , pelvis and lower limbs and many more Sec... More Details
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