cerebellar pathway

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Auditory pathway

Auditory pathway

02/11/2009 02:50:00

this image shows the auditory pathway"the pathway of our hearing" starting from the ear to the cerebral cortex showing: 1. sound 2. cochlea 3. cochlear nerve 4. ventral cochlear nucleus 5. do... More Details
Sensory system pathway

Sensory system pathway

05/11/2009 03:47:00

this image shows the pathway of the sensory system that carry our sensation of the different parts of our body to the cerebral cortex showing: 1. spinal nerve 2. dorsal horn of spinal cord 3. spinoth... More Details
Pathways of C.N.S

Pathways of C.N.S

22/10/2009 01:52:27

In This Section you will find detailed different Photos and images about the anatomy of the Pathways of the CNS including their types , spinothalamic track anatomy , ascending tracks anatomy , descend... More Details
Vestibular system

Vestibular system

28/10/2009 02:50:00

this image shows the central part of the vestibular system( the system responsible for Providing information concerning gravity, rotation and acceleration) showing: 1. occulomotor nucleus 2. trochlea... More Details
Visual pathway

Visual pathway

03/11/2009 03:29:00

this image shows the visual pathway that carry sensation form the eye to the cerebral cortex showing: 1. temporal and nasal retina 2. optic nerve 3. optic chiasm 4. optic tract 5. pulvinar nucleus 6.... More Details
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