puss filled boils

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Furuncle bumpy red, pus-filled lumps around a hair follicle that are tender, warm, and very painful. They range from pea-sized to golf ball-sized. A yellow or white point at the center of the lump can... More Details
Dermatology Atlas

Dermatology Atlas

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In This Section you will find detailed different sections about all different disease affecting the skin including Papulosquamous diseases , Disorders of Sebaseous Glands , Disorders of Pigmentation ,... More Details
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dermatology white bump arm

herpes or hair bump

hard painful bump on the arm

puss filled bump on arm

hard pea size lump leg

white pus

white lump on arm

dermatology furuncle

red bump with white center on arm

painful lump full of pus

yellow discharge in arm area

lump with white center

furuncle image